Pow-Pow-Power Wheels Racing Series!

Eric Michaud | Posted 2009.05.21 at 2:49 am | Perma

Brought to you by Pumping Station: One

What may seem to be an innocent toy that was bought for children in their youth, or not, by those deprived by their parents. Has found a home for some of the members of Pumping Station: One in Chicago. In very much the style of Bring Your Own Big Wheel in San Francisco that used to run down Lombard Street, and power tool drag racing, the newly formed P-P-PRWS will be creating a multi race series where people will hack, mod, pilfer, and costume these childhood toys to devices that pop wheelies go at least 10-15 mph and might even spit fire.

A scene from last years BYOBW

Right now the first batch of Power Wheels and teams are forming and getting ready for the first race that seems to be at the end of June. Below is the post from the Pumping Station: One site.

POW POW Power Wheels Racing Series

Who wants to mod and race Power Wheels?

All of you? That’s what i thought.

Chicago’s only hackerspace, Pumping Station: One, will be organizing into teams, and having each team mod, race, fix, and continue racing a Power Wheels vehicle through a series of trials and tribulations. For $40, you can have your very own functional Power Wheels, for you and your team (if you’d like to work in a group) to modify and race!

Join in, or you will be missing the most epic event in hackerspace history: the Power Wheels Racing Series.

PPPWRS from Jeff Kantarek on Vimeo.

In the event you’ll code microcontrollers for power management, rip out motors from washing machines, fabricate parts, and have a art squad on your team. Sounds like an interesting blend.


Fundraising ideas? We got them!

Nick Farr | Posted 2009.05.18 at 4:48 am | Perma

Jocognito from the c-base has put together a great series of videos covering the Power to the People auction during the 25C3. Check them all (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) out for some ideas on how to run your own geek auction. If you’re going to be around Cologne this up coming weekend, odds are very good we’ll be doing another geek auction to raise money for local hackerspaces at SIGINT.

As we enter more challenging times and address a need to help fund budding hackerspaces, we want to hear your ideas and experiences with fundraising! Have you run or wanted to run your own geek auction? Seen events run by other charities that you think might work well in the hackerspaces realm? What should we try that hasn’t been done yet? Post your ideas on the wiki or leave a comment!

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