A call to hackerspaces to join HITB Haxpo & HackWEEKDAY 2014 in Amsterdam at the end of May

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It is just barely 2 weeks away when it will be time for hackers and geeks of the world to gather in the city of Amsterdam for the annual Hack In The Box Security Conference in Europe. Taking place at the iconic Beurs van Berlage from the 27th till the 30th of May. This year’s event is going to be special, not only because HITB will be celebrating its 5th annual HITB Security Conference with an all-women keynote lineup, but also an all new event, which the HITB Crew calls HITB Haxpo or hacker expo!

This all-new Haxpo will run alongside the usual triple-track HITB Security Conference. Think of Haxpo as bringing the best of Mobile World Congress (MWC) and Makerfaire under one roof with security overlay and strong emphasis on technology and innovation. This event is geared towards the community of hackers interested in software/network security, makers interested in 3D printing, Arduino, etc., builders who are interested in software development and hackathons, and breakers who are interested in physical security, embedded and pushing the limits of technology. This event is also aimed at members of the public for themselves to get immersed in the latest enterprise and consumer technology from anchor participants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Adobe and DELL, etc. Haxpo also features the Dutch and EU based hackerspaces, makers with 3D printers, laser cutters, a lock picking village run by The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOOL), a Capture The Flag (CTF) security competition and HackWEEKDAY – a hackathon of assorted technologies by Mozilla Corporation and Facebook. It also features a category to build, code, compete using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots. The entrance to the 3-day Haxpo and HackWEEKDAY is completely FREE! The full 3-day agenda for Haxpo is here: http://haxpo.nl/hitb2014ams-haxpo/

Interested to take part?

HITB is currently looking for hackerspaces to participate at the 3-day Haxpo but are also inviting individuals or teams of builder/coders to sign up for HackWEEKDAY – The 3-day long LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robotics challenge. This category is an all-new addition to the usual HackWEEKDAY software development challenge, geared towards developers/builders who are keen to work with hardware parts and bringing them alive with writing software to solve a specific problem.

This 3-day long LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotic challenge runs for 8 hours per day, starting on the 27th, until 30th of May. The challenge on the third day after 13:37 CET is for the participants to use the built EV3 robots to colour sort the most number of M&M’s peanuts in 120 seconds. The first day is considered to be a day for building the robots and getting to know the different parts of the EV3 robotic kit, coming up with a design for the competition on the 30th. The second day is for coding the EV3 robot using LEGO Mindstorms’ simple icon based software. There are 3 prizes to be won for the challenge; .edu LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit for 1st, 250Euro, 150Euro for 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Participating in HackWEEKDAY’s LEGO challenge not only gives you access to HITB Haxpo’s high-speed internet, food and drinks, but also a complimentary pass to the HITB Security Conference on 29th-30th of May, which is valued at EUR1337. What is the most exciting thing about that? The registration to HackWEEKDAY is completely FREE and you get all that extra goodness.

Keen to show the rest of EU and the world your robot building and coding skills? You can find out more and sign up for HackWEEKDAY at the link below:  http://haxpo.nl/hitb2014ams-hackweekday/

International Open Day for hackerspaces, 29 March 2014

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hackerspaces_openday***From the wiki***

Just like the past three years, the hackerspace community will open their doors to the public, at Saturday the 29th of March 2014.

Designing 3D printed cookie cutters, make your own soap, milling furniture, adjusting the colors of your living room lamps to the movie you’re watching and checking how secure Whatsapp really is. It’s all possible in a hackerspace.
A hackerspace is an environment where creative, legal, technical and other interested people join together to work on, think about and talk over a wide variety of subjects. “Some of these projects are really practical, others are more “because we can”. What is always the same is our goal to gather knowledge, work together and share our knowledge”, thus, founder of hackerspace Frack, Jildou Gerritsma.

The members of the Dutch hackerspaces demonstrate this goal to share their knowledge by inviting all the curious people to come by and see what’s possible. It will soon become clear that hacking is not only a thing that will take place behind a computerscreen.
Hackerspace Bitlair, in Amersfoort, is working on a lasercutter, in the Amsterdam hackerspace, techinc, there are two 3D printers and hackerspace Frack in Leeuwarden build a large CNC cutter. “The hackerspaces like to supplement each other and work together where possible. This way we can learn from each others faults, increase our knowledge and will we be able to offer a wide variety of projects all around the country”, explains Dave Borghuis, the founder of Tkkrlab.

Next to building machines, members also work on projects to, for example, remotely open the front door of their space, or to adjust the temperature of multiple areas via the internet. There’s also a collaboration with a library to teach kids how to solder, there are privacy workshops on multiple locations and spaces work together with municipalities regarding security and open data.

The open day will be a colorful whole, with activities spread all through the country. Every hackerspace will have their own interpretation. An overview of activities and opening times can be found on the website of the participating space.
Everybody is welcome to come over. Doors will be opened from 10am and around 17 the day program will come to an end. Some spaces are also open in the evening.

Registration is not necessary, but it’s appreciated if the press will make mention of themselves beforehand.

Participating spaces are:

* Wien, Metalab – https://metalab.at

* Campinas: LHC – http://lhc.net.br

* Siegen, Hackspace Siegen – http://www.hasi.it

* Belfast : Farset Labs – http://farsetlabs.org.uk

12 Dutch hackerspaces are joining

* Almere: Sk1llz – http://sk1llz.nl/
* Amersfoort: Bitlair – http://bitlair.nl/
* Amsterdam: Technologia Incognita – http://techinc.nl/
* Amsterdam: LAG – http://laglab.org/
* Arnhem: Hack42 – http://hack42.nl/
* Den Haag: Revelation Space - http://revspace.nl/
* Eindhoven : MADspace – http://madspace.nl/
* Enschede: TkkrLab – http://tkkrlab.nl/
* Heerlen: ACKspace – https://ackspace.nl/
* Leeuwarden: Frack – http://frack.nl/
* Utrecht: RandomData – http://www.randomdata.nl
* Wageningen: NURDspace – http://nurdspace.nl/

====United Kingdom====
* Belfast : Farset Labs – http://farsetlabs.org.uk
* Reading : RMS Rlab Makerspace – http://rlab.org.uk

Mitch Altman at TEDxBrussels – “The Hackerspace Movement”

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Upcoming symposium in Berlin, Germany: “Hackerspaces: The story so far and the future ahead.”

Johl | Posted 2012.01.13 at 12:52 pm | Perma

It’s time to look back and look forward. If you’re anywhere near Berlin in February, you should join us. Please put Friday, February 3rd 2012 in your agenda.

We reserved a slot for a symposium and get-together at the c-base Hackerspace in Berlin. It will be an official partner event of transmediale.12. transmediale is an annual festival for media art and digital culture taking place for one week in February in Berlin, Germany.

Gathering protagonists from the DIY hacker movement who build spaces for people to make and build things, we will explore a phenomenon that exploded in 2007 and has been growing ever since. Be prepared for in-depth discussions on blinking electronics, tinkering, self-organization, spaces, hacking in places like Africa, Asia, America, or Europe, and a friendly outlook on things to come.

What to expect: We’ll start at 16:00 and make use of the afternoon at c-base, before an excellent line-up of DJs will finish off the gathering of the tribes. We want to put the emphasis on the exchange of ideas and no information overflow, but we want three talks or panels on the current state of the Hackerspace movement. If you have something to share, please send a short and sweet outline to johl@hackerspaces.org

See you in Berlin!






PROJECT: HackerHostel.com

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Traveling to other Hackerspaces = GOOD
Spending a lot of money on Hotel fees = BAD

Introducing a project brought to you by the The Brain Tank, DC401, and Hackers like you, called “HackerHostel.com”.

*NOTE: This is an excellent opportunity to use your new Hackerspace Passport.

The Goal:
Negate one of the larger expenses associated with travel, namely HOTEL FEES, in order to further promote idea cross-pollination through visitor, ambassador, and Hacker In Residency programs for Hackerspaces.

A website that will allow users to view Hackerspaces with available sleeping quarters and to submit visitor proposals to participating Hackerspaces for review. Tell us about yourself and what you wish to teach during your stay at your Hackerspace of choice.
The website will help Hackerspaces manage their proposals, discuss Best Practices, as well as help raise money for spaces to spruce up their sleeping quarters if necessary.
Also, each Hackerspace would have some kind of profile detailing the space available, the kinds of classes they might be looking for, what tools facilities would be available to the HIR.

What better way to spend a short vacation than to learn something and teach others something new?
We can further innovation and the exchange of ideas over the course of a few days by removing those pesky physical borders.

Whatever you consider a comfortable place to stay for a brief period of time in your Hackerspace. Could be a hammock, place to put a sleeping bag, a couch, or actual bunk bed. If you’ve got a space to crash, you’ve got a Hacker Hostel. The amount of time you allow a Hacker in Residence to stay is entirely up to you.

We’ve begun setting up The Brain Tank in Providence RI as a testing ground already. We should be able to comfortably sleep 2 HIR’s (Hacker in Residence) on proper bunk beds. A volunteer will be living and innovating 24/7 at The Brain Tank helping us work out the bugs and blogging about their experience. It’s a really convenient and safe area to live in.



Things we have:
-The website domain name www.HackerHostel.com was graciously donated to us. Thank you very much, we couldn’t have done this without your generosity.
*If anyone at all wants to be part of this website build please contact me ag3nt5@dc401.org , we could really use the help.
-Kayak (The Brain Tank is right next to a river through the city)
-E-bike (great for short distances)
-Servers and Terminals
-Tools & Scrap Electronics (lots of em)
-Coffee maker/microwave/oven/popcornmachine
-Hidden urban garden (great for relaxing or grilling outside)
-Tshirts (being designed as we speak. shirt slogan = “Sleep. Hack. Repeat.”)

Rough sketch Hacker Hostel shirt. Artist= Megan Billings


Things we may need:
-Website (A very simple booking website would be necessary to make this work. I’ve never built one before and could def use a hand if anyone want’s to chip in.)
-Shower (wouldn’t cost more than $150 total to buy & install at The Brain Tank. Once we figure out the cheapest way to build a shower we’ll release the cost and build info to all)
-Kickstarter (we can generate funding and offer cash to other Hackerspaces to improve their sleeping quarters. This will also fund the website maintenance.)

What do you think should be added? Changed? etc…



Note: This project is soooo simple to put together and would have a significant benefit to Hacker Culture. Right now all I think it really needs is a VIDEO, a WEBSITE, and a properly formed statement/description. We’d be helping to break down the barriers associated with the inconvenience and expense of travel. Making it easier for great minds and talents to move around freely teaching each other what they know.

Yes, there’s quite a bit to figure out. Each Hackerspace is different and TRUST is a huge part of the success of this project. Having guests stay at your place is a very personal thing. But if complete strangers on CouchSurfing.com can do it, I think the Hackerspace Community will have even better success as we are in fact a strong Community.
If you have any ideas, questions, or would like to help in any way, please contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling.

-Dave Johnson



1-401-267-TANK (8265)

OpenAMD at CCC Camp: “We totally need these stinking badges!”

aestetix | Posted 2011.04.18 at 5:46 pm | Perma

Welcome to the future. OpenAMD (Attendee Meta-Data) combines an RFID location tracking system with social networking, and we’re looking to deploy at CCC Camp 2011. You might have seen the project either as the location tracking badge at 2600′s HOPE 2008 and 2010, or as CCC Sputnik in 2006, 2007, and 2008. This time we have a lot of new improvements, and need your help to make the project happen.

For those unfamiliar with the concept: imagine you enter a conference, and put on your OpenAMD badge. Suddenly, you can see yourself on a screen, a dot (or avatar) on a map, moving around in real-time, just like the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter. Next, you can log into the social networking site, create a profile, and watch as your personal information turns into a dynamic visual. We can do amazing things with this: tell how many people in a talk like “lockpicking” at any given time; suggest talks you might like, based in your interests; allow you to connect with people who have similar tastes, or have been to similar talks; and much more. Really, we are only limited by your imagination.

And that’s just the software side. For hardware hackers, the badge is totally hackable. As you can see in the video, there will be a row of blinky lights you can program to flash cool patterns, and even do persistence of vision effects. The schematics are online, and the software is completely open source. As you can see in the photo, the badge has built-in USB. The idea here is that someone with no experience can download the programming software for free, plug their badge directly into their computer, and hack on their firmware live. We will have lots of documentation, and are happy to teach people all about it.

Future of OpenAMD
Beyond Camp, we’re also exploring creating a kit that will allow people to set up an installation at their own hackerspace (or wherever), to promote using this technology beyond just hacker conferences. We want to see what kinds of cool things everyone will come up with, and will be making a big announcement soon about a semi-permanent installation in the United States. Imagine being able to go to your hackerspace, create a visual, and then watch it work live. We started this community outreach at The Next HOPE with the public API (we’ll be releasing an updated version soon), and the semi-permanent installation will allow people to tinker with all parts of the project, as well as work out any bugs to reduce technical difficulties at future conferences ;)

To make this happen at Camp, we need your help. We have launched a kickstarter (www.openamd.org/kickstarter), as a way to help pay for the badges and let people guarantee they get a badge at the Camp; if you cannot make Camp, we will even send you a badge once Camp is over. We’re trying to raise the minimum cash needed, as we are supplying all the infrastructure ourselves; and we need to meet our goal ($12,000) by May 1st, otherwise we won’t be able to bring this to Camp.

Hackerspaces Challenge
To make this more enticing, we’ve decided to give back to the community even more: once the kickstarter is successful, as a backer you’ll be able to enter your hackerspace in the form when you enter your name, and the hackerspace that raises the most funds for the project will get their logo featured on the badge lanyard at Camp. Consider this a big thank you from us for helping the project be excellent.

If you have any questions or comments about the project, please check out www.openamd.org, or email aestetix@openamd.org.

Japan in Crisis: Tokyo Hackerspace is helping out

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This is a copy from the Tokyo Hackerspace blog:

To all the people on the good planet Earth, the crew of Tokyo HackerSpace has a message that we would like to send to you:

By now, everyone knows of the crisis in northern Japan. It will still be a few weeks before life is under control here. We are looking forward to the day that the power plants are safe and the tremors have subsided.

Many of our members have been cooped up in our homes waiting out the storm, but not laying idle.

The Japanese government is doing the best that they can to manage the crisis and help people who have lost loved ones, homes, utilities and possessions.

Tokyo HackerSpace has already begun to lay plans for projects which we feel can help the people of Japan, utilizing the best of our abilities and resources.

Our first course of action has been to order up the required parts for 150 solar powered LED lanterns. We will be assembling them here and shipping them up (or delivering by hand) to aid organizations. These lanterns provide just enough light so that people can feel safe at night without power, find their way in the dark, and maintain the sense of community. They charge during the day via the sun, and will help to light the way for 8 hours each night.

We also have on the way several geiger counters and geiger tubes, from which we will be making community sensors, in order to help to keep the public in harms way informed on a minute by minute and hour by hour basis. While the initial exposure has been low, our concern is the long term effects, food and water supply, and ground soil conditions over the next several months.

Or longer term projects include solar cell phone charging stations, low energy cooking equipment, internet, wifi, and laptop loans, and other technical concerns.

We are calling upon Hacker Spaces all over the world, and friends of Hacker Spaces, and friends of friends of Hacker Spaces, to help out.

Soon we will release a list of critical equipment and supplies which we may have difficulty sourcing locally. If you have access to anything on the list, please contact us to make shipping arrangements. If not, please DO NOT ship us anything not on the list (In some cases, it may be VERY specific). Items not on our list will only crowd our space and waste your shipping money and time. If you have something specific or unique you think we could use, feel free to send us an email and inquire.

In the meantime, we ask that anyone who can, please donate to only reputable charities. Or, if you prefer, you may donate directly to us, and we will utilize it for the above mentioned projects, or give the money directly to Japanese aid organizations known to be doing good work in the area.

You can donate via Paypal to theTHSstore@gmail.com

Good night and good luck.

The game is on!

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Get your thinking caps on and prepare for the FIRST EVER HITB Hackerspaces Challenge!
During the Hack In The Box SecConf 2011 several hackerspaces will participate in a team-to-team showdown, LEGO-style. And not just any LEGO! No! The Hackerspace Challenge will be featuring LEGO Mindstorms nxt 2.0 kits!

Each team of minimal 2 persons will be given the same task: design, build and test a construction at the premises. Assembly takes place at allocated times divided over two days. To really test the improv skills of the participants, we will only disclose the details of the actual challenge at the start of the security conference.

Every creation is judged by several experts based on performance, looks, creativity, smart engineering, programming skills etc. The winning team is taking home the honour, glory… and an additional money reward. A generous sponsorship donation of €1000,-, courtesy of ITQ.

A spectacle you don’t want to miss! It’s open to public.
Place : HITB SecConf 2011 – Krasnapolsky Wintergarden, Amsterdam
Date: 19th and 20th May 2011, 11:00 – 17:00 h
Award ceremony: 20th May, 18:00 h

Want to enter your hackerspace into the competition?
Check out the HITB 2011 Amsterdam site how to join the challenge!

Race for the Future! Design it, build it, race it!

Jordan | Posted 2010.12.22 at 10:58 pm | Perma

Race to the Future

Attention all hackers and hackerspace members! Do you like creating with atoms instead of bits? Would you like to win fame and fortune? The Alternate Power Initiative wants YOU to design and build an alternative energy vehicle! Their second annual “Race for the Future” will be held in August, 2011 in Whiting, Indiana.

This race challenges you to:

Build a vehicle that can travel five miles powered by an alternate power source and race it through the streets of Whiting Indiana.

Here’s a subset of the rules:

  • Vehicle may not be powered solar energy or fuel cells
  • Vehicle may not be powered by a device based on existing conventional automotive or truck technology. Piston engines, rotary engines or turbines powered by detonated combustion gasses are not allowed. Piston engines, rotary engines or turbines powered by other sources will be allowed. These gasses would include but not be limited to those created by using gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane methane or alcohol as fuel.
  • Vehicle must be self propelled (no pedal power)
  • Vehicle may not be powered by battery or capacitor stored electricity, (brake lights and turn signals may be powered by electricity).
  • Vehicle may be charged, (fueled or energized) before 5 mile trial but may not be charged, (fueled or energized) during run.

For full details, visit their website at http://alternatepowerinitiative.com!

Here are the rules and the entry form.

Better hurry! There are only 20 entries, and hackerspace Pumping Station: One has already claimed two of them! Who will be next?

If you sign up, please post in the comments!

Hackerspace Awards: Call for Categories

omegix | Posted 2010.03.04 at 11:56 pm | Perma

Do you know a project that has greatly improved the quality of your hackerspace?

What about a project that costs much, much less than the average off-the-shelf solution?

What about an astounding innovation that you’re used to seeing from the corporate sector, but
was designed in your home town’s hackerspace?

These projects and more are what the Hackerspace Awards would like to recognize.  Over the next few weeks members of all hackerspaces are invited to suggest award categories and post  them on the Hackerspace Awards wiki page.

Projects nominated to each category will be subjectively judged by a panel made up of one member from each hackerspace.  Dates and categories are not set in stone yet, but keep watch here at hackerspaces.org for additional information.  Once set, any project may be nominated for a category, with self-nominations encouraged.

Alongside the Merit Based Awards, the Workshop88 guys have offered to make their Hackerspaces In Space (HSIS) event the Competitve leg of the Hackerspace Awards.  The HSIS competition is encouraging all hackerspaces to launch a Balloon Satallite for as light, and as cheaply as possible,  and return with pictures of the Earth’s horizon.

As of the writing of this article, there are over 18 hackerspaces signed up to compete! The launches are set to begin on June 1st, and end August 31st.

For more details on the HSIS Competition, please visit:  http://workshop88.com/space/

To get involved in the creation of the Hackerspace Awards, visit:

Or send an email to awards@hackerspaces.org

Updates: As March 5th, 2009, there are 29 groups signed up to compete in the HSIS!